Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 12

While the cherry blossoms continue to degrade, there is still beauty to be found! It just requires a bit of careful searching as most trees aren’t looking so great overall.

From a distance, the trees look very different from the pure white and light pink color they had when they were at peak bloom.

These are the best looking cherry blossoms that we could find! They tend to be rather localized to particular portions of specific trees. Interestingly, there are a few late blooming clusters on the second tree to bloom that still look quite good.

Most trees now are a mix of blossoms with petals and blossoms without any petals left. Some look ok at first glance but upon closer examination many missing petals can be seen.

Like yesterday, there are many petals on the ground. It doesn’t look too much different from yesterday as wind likely blows many of the petals away.

The plum blossoms are mostly done. There are just a few flowers with petals here and there. Overall it seems like the plum blossoms did quite well at holding onto their petals but once they started falling off, they fell quite fast.

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