Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 11

Some of the cherry blossom trees are starting to look pretty bad! The first two to bloom have lost most of their petals though the larger of the two trees still has some clusters of somewhat intact blossoms. A few trees are in better shape but all are declining rapidly. In a few days, there won’t be any petals left and cherry blossom season will truly be over.

This is how the typical cherry blossom tree looks currently from a distance. A small cluster of intact flowers but otherwise there has been quite a rapid loss of petals since yesterday and the day before. A few days ago, this tree was a beautiful light shade of pink.

These are the best remaining cherry blossoms we could find! A few are still looking pretty good but there’s signs of decay as well as the rapidly growing green leaves.

Most of the cherry blossom trees aren’t looking too good anymore. Some blossoms have completely lost their petals. In other places, the flowers have completely fallen off though this seems less common.

There are more petals on the ground today than yesterday, though recent grass cutting has cleaned up some areas!

The plum blossoms have also continued to rapidly lose their petals. The few trees that we have in the area are looking pretty bad overall, though some areas still look good when viewed close up.

This tree started to bloom not too long ago but is looking really pretty right now. It is a huge tree, much bigger than the cherry blossoms that are by the road. It might be a variety of weeping cherry tree? Unfortunately, we have no way to get a closer look at it and we don’t know much about identifying plants.

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