Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 13

It’s starting to get hard to find clusters of cherry blossoms that are fully intact. But there are still some groups of blossoms that have kept a significant number of petals and still look decent. Overall, though, most of the blossom petals have fallen to the ground and the trees aren’t looking too great.

This cluster of cherry blossoms right on the tree’s trunk is the best we were able to find today. It looks like most, if not all, of the petals are still on the flowers. There also appears to be unopened buds!

These clusters of cherry blossoms have lost some petals but overall are still looking good!

Most of the cherry blossoms look like these photos. Their appearances vary greatly from no petals left to more than half still remaining. The rain didn’t seem to have a huge effect, likely because it didn’t come with any significant wind.

The branches with very few petals left definitely outnumber the ones with many. They’re just not as interesting to photograph! We mostly tried to pick out the better looking ones.

From a distance, its not looking good! There’s quite a bit of the red color that is visible once the petals fall off the flower.

Some of the cherry blossoms petals that fell to the ground have started to turn yellow, particularly the first ones to fall. The others seem to be holding on to their white and pink colors.

We were able to find two branches of plum blossoms. The rest of the tree is done with no petals left on any of the flowers. Will there be any left tomorrow?

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