Farewell Stumpy the Cherry Blossom Tree

Back in 2019, we noticed a rather unique cherry blossom tree in DC at the Tidal Basin. It was by itself, right on the edge of the water, and looked like it shouldn’t be alive but somehow was. This tree has become known as Stumpy! Unfortunately, 2024 is the last year we’ll ever be able to see Stumpy in bloom as he is going to be removed in order to repair this area of the Tidal Basin.

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Hawaii’s Byodo-In

After breakfast at the Sheraton Waikiki, we went out to have lunch and picked up a rental car at the International Market Place. We then drove to visit Byodo-in, a replica Japanese temple at the Valley of the Temples. After walking through the grounds, we drove around area a bit before heading to get poke from Tamura’s. We spent some time at Kailua Beach Park before attending a wedding in the evening.

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