Old Post Office Tower

We visited the Old Post Office Tower this morning. It is operated by the National Park Service and provides access to a observation room above the tower’s four clock faces. There is also some historical information about the Old Post Office building on the path from the entrance to the elevators.

As it is in a newly redeveloped structure, one would expect that this historic section of the building would have been updated as well to provide a great visitor experience. However, it is a sad little place. Some of the window openings are protected by clear plastic, possibly plexiglass, sheets that are in terrible condition. Other windows are covered by strands of thick metal wire that run top to bottom. And there is a NPS staff member whose only job seems to be to yell at visitors when they touch the metal wire as touching it is prohibited. Definitely one of the worst NPS visitor experiences anywhere.

A little bit of investment is needed to at least replace the terrible windows with some quality glass. That would solve multiple problems at once. This place has so much potential!

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First Cherry Blossoms of 2023

While the official National Park Service bloom watch shows the Tidal Basin cherry trees as just entering the puffy white stage today, some of our local cherry blossoms are already blooming! We found a few examples by a local road and other ones that are likely going to start opening very soon. Also in the region, we’re waiting for the cherry trees at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to bloom, that is expected to happen at the end of the month.

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