Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 10

The end of cherry blossom season is drawing near. There has been significant degradation in many of the blossoms. The first tree to bloom that looked so amazing a few days ago is a shadow of its former self. But there is still some beauty left!

A very pretty scene with a female Northern Cardinal perched on a cherry blossom branch! Many of the blossoms are missing petals, particularly the ones on the top side of the branches. Similarly, this Northern Cardinal appears to be missing some feathers on her head!

Some of the cherry blossoms are missing petals while others are turning yellow. Many are also quite wrinkled and no longer have the nice smooth appearance that they had when freshly bloomed.

Some examples are looking particularly bad with significant loss of petals! These branches are also looking pretty bad from a distance.

A few branches are completely dead, either completely shriveled or with a complete loss of petals.

There are many more petals on the ground today than there were yesterday.

This was the largest group of petals that we found today. They were on the side of a road by the curb.

There are a few trees where the cherry blossoms are in good condition though! These almost look like they’re new though some are showing relatively large green leaves that usually aren’t present with new blossoms.

This branch held the best looking cherry blossoms that we saw today! Perhaps they are late bloomers? There are some buds still present!

A rarity! A cluster of cherry blossom buds that hasn’t bloomed yet!

The plum blossoms have rapidly aged as well, just like the cherry blossoms. They were looking OK yesterday but many petals have dropped to the ground since then. The red leaves have also grown rapidly.

The plum blossom petals that have fallen to the ground are not as obvious as the cherry blossom petals, primarily due to their small size. They’re tiny! And while we have seen complete cherry blossoms on the ground, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the plum blossoms.

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