Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 9

The cherry blossoms are still doing quite well! For the most part, they haven’t degraded significantly since yesterday and not many have fallen to the ground.

The cherry blossoms are still quite pretty! We’ve been lucky to mostly have good weather other than a bit of wind and rain right when they first bloomed.

As we saw yesterday, some of the blossoms on a few particular trees are starting to yellow and shrivel up. Generally, this seems limited to the blossoms that are on the top side of the branches and sometimes just the top edge of individual petals.

This particular branch seems to be effected the most. It does still have a few intact, though not completely open, blossoms as well as some buds.

We are also seeing more blossoms on the ground, both intact ones as well as individual petals. It is still not a huge amount though and limited to a few particular trees.

The plum blossoms continue to do well. The reddish leaves are starting to get much bigger in comparison though.

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