Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 8

We’re finding more and more cherry blossoms on the ground as well as many blossoms still on the tree showing signs of wear. But overall, they’re still looking pretty good at more than a week old now!

Some of the blossoms are a bit torn and many are starting to look quite wrinkled. But some still look as good as the day they bloomed. Overall, they’re still looking good, especially from a distance!

Some of the blossoms are starting to yellow. This seems limited to a few specific trees and doesn’t seem to be a function of age as the first to bloom are still maintaining their original color.

The number of cherry blossoms on the ground is steadily increasing. There are noticeably more compared to yesterday morning.

The plum blossoms are still staying on their branches. There are only a few petals here and there on the ground.

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