Spring at Arapahoe Basin, Day 3

It snowed 5 inches since yesterday! Everything was coated in beautiful fresh snow. It seemed like there might be some blue sky in the morning but it ended up just getting cloudier with the snow resuming!

The difference in weather is apparent when looking at these two scenes! In the morning, it seemed like the sky might clear despite the forecast calling for more snow. It became quickly apparent that the sky was not going to clear! By around noon, everything was illuminated evenly which made it quite difficult to see any sort of texture on the snow.

The last two days, there was almost no one at the base area in the morning. Just a few skis on the rack and no one really lining up in advance. Today, it felt a bit like a regular winter weekend day though still with substantially less people. There were a few lines to get on the lifts today but it really wasn’t bad at all, a few minutes when it was busiest.

The trees looked amazing today! They looked about as good as they do after a good storm. It definitely makes for a pretty landscape to ski in. And probably through at well through I have no experience with that!

With the fresh snow, I decided to hit the Zuma Bowl after doing a run down the front side. I took the easiest way down as that’s about my limit. The top third or so was a few inches of nice snow and ice underneath. The remaining two thirds was pretty variable. Overall, I’m glad I haven’t degraded since last season!

I spent most of my time on the front side of the mountain. The fresh snow helped quite a bit! These photographs are ordered by time, making the difference in weather and lighting quite apparent.

Gallery: https://gallery.thesun.arfycat.com/Galleries/USA/Colorado/Rocky-Mountains-2021-04/Arapahoe-Basin/Day-3

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