Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 14

Everything was rather wet this morning due to rain overnight and some light fog. The cherry blossoms overall aren’t doing well. Many trees are essentially bare and the remaining ones are on the way to being without petals as well. We tried to find some pretty scenes though!

These are the best clusters of cherry blossoms that we could find today! None of them are perfect but they’re still pretty good.

When viewed from a bit further away, some cherry blossom branches were a mix leaves and flowers with and without petals.

All the branches on the very first cherry blossom tree to bloom look like this. No petals left.

Some examples of the remaining cherry blossoms. Like yesterday, the rain doesn’t seem to have impacted them at all. But the petals are still consistently falling to the ground.

We found some areas that were very dense with cherry blossom petals!

The plum blossoms are almost done. This one branch had a few while another had one or two. A little bit less than yesterday.

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