Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 15

It was another wet morning and the cherry blossom petals continue to fall to the ground. We’re also starting to see the middle part of the flowers on the ground as well. There’s still a few nice looking blossom clusters here and there but they’re getting hard to find now.

These are the best cherry blossoms that we could find today. We couldn’t find clusters where there were no missing petals.

There aren’t really any great cherry blossom views anymore. Most flowers are without petals.

Most of the remaining cherry blossoms look like these examples with many missing petals everywhere.

Like the last few days, we saw cherry blossoms on the ground underneath the cherry blossom trees. They’re more visible in areas where there is no grass. The middle portion of the flowers are also starting to fall to the ground. They’ve mostly stayed on the trees up until now.

There are only a few plum blossoms left. Like the cherry blossom trees, the middle part of the flowers are starting to fall to the ground. They’re very noticeable on the ground right now.

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