Spring at Arapahoe Basin, Day 6

It took the snow a little bit to warm up this morning at Arapahoe Basin. The sky was partly cloudy and alternated from cool and dark to warm and toasty. But after two or so hours the snow softened up on the upper half of the front side of the mountain. It ended up being a nice spring day! Up to 8 inches of snow is predicted for tonight. Hopefully it will happen!

On weekdays, the Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Mountain lifts open at the same time. Thus, it is possible to go to the top right away, switching lifts at mid-mountain. The sequence of photos above shows some of the scenery along the way.

The wind was pretty strong at the top during a few points today resulting in slowing being blown everywhere and limiting visibility by a little. There were also occasionally small snow whirlwinds that formed in a particular place by the Lenawee lift though I wasn’t able to photograph it.

The snow was a bit worse than yesterday but there were significantly less people so it was an overall positive! Much like yesterday, I skied most of the groomed front side blues. As always, lots of pretty mountain scenery to be seen on the slopes!

As always, lots of pretty scenery from the lift!

Gallery: https://gallery.thesun.arfycat.com/Galleries/USA/Colorado/Rocky-Mountains-2021-04/Arapahoe-Basin/Day-6/

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