Spring at Arapahoe Basin, Day 5

The snow was a bit crunchy today at Arapahoe Basin as the recent snow was packed down. A few small areas became icy as well but overall it was still a great time! The weather was pretty mixed from a clear sky to complete overcast but no snow at all. It wasn’t too cold or windy by mountain standards.

Some of the best views are from the very top of the Lenawee, Beavers, and Zuma lifts. There are more mountains in all directions as well as the higher portions of A-Basin that must be hiked to reach. Must be amazing up there but that is way beyond me!

Today, I did most of the groomed blue runs on the front side that accessible via the Lenawee lift and aren’t named West Wall. The snow was packed down pretty hard in the morning but it was still easy to ski on. And it wasn’t very busy with minimal lines developing in late morning.

Some of the best views are from the lifts. And there’s lots of time to look around! These photos are from the Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Mountain lifts.

Gallery: https://gallery.thesun.arfycat.com/Galleries/USA/Colorado/Rocky-Mountains-2021-04/Arapahoe-Basin/Day-5

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