Local Cherry Blossoms, Day 7

Another beautiful morning with clear skies! There are a few more cherry blossom petals on the ground but overall they’re still doing quite well and looking beautiful as they have for the past week.

Most of the cherry blossom trees are full of flowers. Some of the flowers are showing a bit of wear but they overall still look quite beautiful.

There are a few trees that have buds that don’t seem to want to open. One tree in particular has many on the lower branches. There are other trees and branches that have a mix of flowers and buds. These trees are definitely in the minority though.

The number of cherry blossoms on the ground is increasing. The large tree that was the second in particular was shedding petals in the absence of wind. There will likely be even more petals on the ground tomorrow.

The plum blossoms look as good as have since the day they bloomed one week ago! There are a few petals on the ground here and there but generally they’re holding together pretty well.

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