Blue Skies at Marina Bay

Its been mostly cloudy here in Singapore for us so far during this trip with just a little bit of sunshine and blue skies. But today, we got an entire morning of blazing hot sunny weather! We went to Suntec City for an early lunch and walked back to the Marina Bay Sands to catch the MRT. On the way, we enjoyed the blue skies and also scouted the area a bit to see the setup for the fireworks tonight. There are a few good options for us to watch from, we’ll see later tonight what we do!

We walked across the Helix Bridge to get to the Marina Bay Sands. Along the way, we went to each of the little platforms that jut out from the side for photos. It seems like they may fence these off tonight based on the spare fencing that is present. It does seem these would be great spots to watch the fireworks if they leave them accessible though.

The Marina Bay Sands end of the Helix Bridge has a great view of “The Float,” the paid viewing area for the fireworks tonight.

We also looked up towards the Marina Bay Sands hotel. There are, of course, paid viewing options up top. Likely pretty unique to be able to see the fireworks from that perspective.

After crossing the bridge, we walked past the ArtScience Museum along the waterfront.

There is a great view of the downtown skyline from here. It may also be a decent point to watch the fireworks, though the viewing angle may not be great.

We continued onward towards the site of the Spectra light and water show. Louis Vuitton has a great spot here in front of the Marina Bay Sands!

We continued past the equipment that is permanently in the water for Spectra. Not really photogenic during the day! But also, another possible good spot to watch the fireworks.

After reaching this point, we retreated into the cold of the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall to catch the MRT.

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