Marina Bay & Gardens at Night

We headed out in the evening to walk from the Gardens by the Bay to Marina Bay in front of the Marina Bay Sands. We arrived in time to catch the 9pm Spectra light and water show. It was a pleasant walk. It feels much cooler at night in Singapore, particularly when there is a strong breeze.

We started from the current last stop on the new Thomson-East Coast Line. After exiting the station, we walked north by the water towards Marina Bay. As we got close to the domes, we found this nice view of the Singapore Flyer.

The waterfall inside of the Cloud Forest dome is illuminated at night! It is actually open until 9pm in the evening.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel was peeking though the leaves above us.

We continued walking to the Silver Garden, a small grove of three Supertrees. The moon was visible above us.

We continued walking through the Indian, Chinese, and Malay gardens. We were able to see the main Supertree grove at various points through gaps in the foliage. The area around the Supertrees is an admission only event right now for the holidays. We didn’t try to buy tickets as it seems extremely busy.

Soon, we saw the two sculptures by Dragonfly Lake that we walked by a few days ago. We were down below by the water that time, today we were higher up.

We crossed the bridge above Dragonfly Lake to pass through the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

There is a nice viewpoint behind the top of the escalators that lead to the bridge that goes over the road. Besides seeing the Supertree grove, we also saw illuminated kites that were being flown from the Marina Barrage!

After passing through the Marina Bay Sands hotel, we took a look back at the impressive structure towering above us.

We then took the escalator down into the brightly lit Marina Bay Sands shopping mall.

We found a nice spot off-center to view the Spectra light and water show. We arrived not too long before the 9pm showing.

This time, we recorded a timelapse of the show. It is much faster than the 15 minute video we recorded the other day!

Finally, a somewhat random selection of scenes from the 15 minute long show!

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