Mount Faber & Sentosa

We visited both Mount Faber and Sentosa today, taking the gondola between each location. Although the sky was overcast and somewhat dark, it was still hot and incredibly humid. We ended up doing a good amount of walking despite the heat.

We arrived at the HarbourFront gondola station not long after the 9am opening time. We took the gondola up to Mount Faber. It is called Mount Faber but it isn’t any taller than the skyscrapers in the city.

While the gondola windows weren’t scratched up like ski area gondolas, their windows still weren’t great to photograph from.

After arriving at the top station, we started walking to the west towards the Henderson Waves, a pedestrian bridge that goes over a valley. We got some great views of the city as we walked on a descending roadside path.

The area was heavily wooded, unlike the rest of modern Singapore.

We soon reached the Henderson Waves. We walked to the far side, enjoying the scenery as we went.

The bridge is interesting as the walkway is made of wood. It has some nice places to sit built in, though apparently we didn’t photograph any of the seating!

After reaching the far side of the bridge, we backtracked and took a different path to head back towards the gondola station. Multiple sets of stairs lead up to Faber Point. The bottom of the viewing structure here had multiple plaques depicting events that were important to the history of Singapore. We photographed many of them though not all.

We then found the stairs leading to the top of the structure. There, we found a Merlion! This one doesn’t spit out water though.

There were some great views of the surrounding area.

The structure had multiple areas with various stairs and paths in between.

After enjoying the view, we started walking back to the east. We went past the gondola station to check out the views beyond.

The north side of the road had a covered walkway, very nice for those hot sunny days!

After walking for a bit, we reached our destination. The area was pretty dense with foliage but we could see a bit towards Sentosa.

Much of the view was just trees though. As a tourist, the area east of the Mount Faber gondola station can be safely skipped!

We then returned to the gondola station to head back down and onward to Sentosa. The bathrooms have floor to ceiling windows with a great view!

We took the gondola back to HarbourFront and stayed on to head to Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa. The water is nicely colored and very calm in the channel between Sentosa and the rest of Singapore.

We passed over a water park and resort.

After disembarking, we tried to find the gondola that would take us to the west to Siloso Point. We ended up finding another Marvel holiday decoration, this time featuring Dr. Strange, Thor, and Iron Man. Seems a bit random as there doesn’t seem to be anything else Marvel related nearby.

We ended up accidentally walking down to the next gondola station to the east. Oops! We got on there and took it past Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Point. Near the end of the route, we saw some of the man-made beaches that line the west side of Sentosa.

From Siloso Point, a short walk led to the entrance to the Fort Siloso Skywalk. This structure consists of an elevator and connected walkway leading to the fort. From the walkway, we had great views of the north and south sides of Sentosa.

Looking back towards the elevator as the elevated walkway neared solid ground.

We were greeted by this peacock family as we entered the fort!

We walked through the fort, looking at some of the old military structures that were used in the failed defense of Singapore against the Japanese invasion during World War II.

We exited via a different route as the path through the fort descends quite a bit. Going back out the way we came would have meant many stairs to climb. The road leading away from the fort had some interesting artwork on various rocks and the road itself as well as the entrance sign!

We ended our day by taking the gondola back to the east where we boarded the Sentosa Express monorail to return to the main island of Singapore.

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