Mostly Marina Bay

We took a walk around most of Marina Bay in the morning before heading to Clarke Quay by MRT for lunch. It was a hot and humid day but otherwise the weather was nice.

We reached Marina Bay around the Fullerton Bay Hotel, located on the west side of Marina Bay opposite the famous Marina Bay Sands. There is a plaque here indicating that some of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were placed into the sea at this point. This was in the late 40s, well before Marina Bay was dammed by the Marina Barrage.

We continued walking north with the bay to our right and the highrises of downtown Singapore to our left.

We could see the north side of Marina Bay ahead of us.

We soon reached the Merlion, a symbol of Singapore. This large sculpture spits a constant stream of water into the bay.

The Merlion can be seen from all around the bay, though it looks tiny from the opposite side around the Marina Bay Sands.

We walked to the small pier that almost goes in front of the Merlion. It is a very popular photo spot with the city in the background.

A very similar view from the very end of the pier. Not quite directly in front of the Merlion.

The pier offers a great unobstructed view of the Esplanade Theatre, a building that looks like a durian!

We crossed the Jubilee Bridge, reaching the north shore of the bay in front of the Esplanade. The bridge is named for the 50th anniversary of Singaporean independence.

We continued walking along the shore, heading east. We stopped by the Esplanade’s outdoor stage to take a break in the shade from the oppressive heat and humidity. There was a sculpture of two children playing in front of us.

Behind us, their parents were watching along with an additional sibling.

We soon continued walking. Earlier, the sun was directly behind the Marina Bay Sands but now from this angle it was to the left. Much better for photography!

We also had a nice view of the city from this location. The Merlion is still visible though rather small compared to the skyscrapers towering above.

Eventually, we reached the Helix Bridge that leads south to the Marina Bay Sands. This bridge is modeled after DNA, giving it its name.

It was still rather early and the bridge was not busy at all.

The bridge has four platforms that jut out at regular intervals from the bridge, providing views of the bay.

Some sections of the bridge had a blue colored semi-transparent roof, providing a bit of relief from the sun.

A view of the Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum, and the bridge from one of the platforms.

After reaching the south end of the Helix Bridge, we headed into the shopping mall at Marina Bay Sands. Thank goodness for strong Singaporean air conditioning!

After getting some snacks, we took the MRT to Clarke Quay for lunch. The sun came out and it was even hotter than before!

There was quite a bit of construction going on in the area, particularly north of the Read Bridge between the river and Fort Canning. We walked through the parts that were open though. Not much was going on at this time of day. This area is much more lively at night.

Marvel, and particularly Captain America, say hi?

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