Spring at Arapahoe Basin

It was a gorgeous day today at Arapahoe Basin with a few inches of snow that fell recently and a mostly clear sky. The temperatures were below freezing but the sun is incredibly powerful when you’re at 11,000+ feet!

It wasn’t busy at all today with no lines to be seen, anywhere, even while getting lunch at the Black Mountain Lodge. Covid-19 precautions were obeyed and it never felt unsafe.

While I did go all the way to the top today, I did stay on the front side of the mountain. That was good enough for today as the last time I skied was on 3/14/2020, the last day of the regular 2019/2020 season due to the start of the pandemic. It was a tad rough but everything still feels familiar! Unfortunately, I’ve obviously lost my acclimation to the altitude here.

The photos below are more or less ordered by elevation from lowest to highest. Although my GPS track for today does have altitudes for each point, I’m not sure how accurate they are. I ended up just eyeballing them based on location.

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