Cherry Blossoms Blossoming

Yesterday, we saw the first local cherry blossoms come out, just two flowers! This morning, what a difference! There are cherry blossoms everywhere! Although its not even close to peak here, the NPS just declared peak bloom for the Washington DC cherry blossoms, about a week earlier than predicted due to recent unseasonably warm temperatures.

What a beautiful sight! Conditions today are very similar to the same day last year when we saw them after it had rained. The forecast is calling for more rain this afternoon, potentially heavy. Hopefully, the blossoms won’t be too negatively impacted.

There are still many trees that don’t have any flowers yet. Even the ones that have started blooming aren’t at peak yet, all of them still have many buds that are just waiting to open.

These actually appear to be plum trees rather than cherry trees. However, they’re still pretty just like the cherry blossoms and they just started blooming as well!

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