Gornergrat Night and Morning

Last night, or rather this morning, we went out to photograph the Matterhorn at night with the Milky Way in the background. We had to do it twice due to the Moon still being up the first time. Later on, we caught the Matterhorn glowing during sunrise.

Milky Way

We had calculated that the Milky Way would be more or less behind the Matterhorn around midnight using the Stellarium app. Unfortunately, the Moon was nearly full and also still above the horizon around that time. We did give it a try anyway and while we caught some stars in the sky it was too bright to see the Milky Way.

We ended up giving it another try around 4:30am when the Moon was below the horizon. By then, the Milky Way had moved to the right quite a bit. But we still could get both it and the Matterhorn in the same frame using an ultrawide lens.

There was still some glow on the horizon but overall not too bad. And luckily it was above freezing outside with minimal wind.


We set up to photograph the Matterhorn just as the pink band in the sky started to reach the tip of the mountain.

We created a short timelapse of the sunrise.

We ended when there was a good amount of color on the top of the Matterhorn. It looks like there was another mountain blocking some of the sun on the left.

We walked around Gornergrat a bit, capturing the scene from various locations.

The mountains to the north also showed some illumination, both relatively close by and in the far distance.

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