Snow in Maryland and West Virginia

The nor’easter yesterday blanketed western Maryland with snow. There wasn’t a huge amount of snow on the ground in the places we visited but it was still quite beautiful!

We were originally planning on driving to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia but Skyline Drive, the road through the park, was closed due to snow. We decided to visit some places in Maryland while waiting to see if any parts of Skyline Drive would open. Ultimately, none did.

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Sharp-Shinned Hawk

We’ve been hoping to find a Sharp-Shinned Hawk for awhile now. Recently, we’ve seen a good number of the very similar Cooper’s Hawk. There’s been a few that we thought might have been “sharpies” but they weren’t. We were pretty lucky today as this bird flew right past us and into a nearby tree. It stayed there as we walked closer and remained until we found a good clear vantage point. We were a bit surprised at how small it was! Seeing it in real life and reading about it are two very different things!

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Fall Is Done

Technically, there is still a bit more than a month left in fall. Winter isn’t quite here yet. But it sure felt that way today! It was below freezing when we went out for our morning walk and there was frost on the ground. And a particular tree that was full of leaves yesterday was almost completely bare today! It was quite a pretty tree, and a rather large tree, and now it’s just like most of the others. But the leaves on the ground were nice.

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Fall 2020

The earliest signs of fall began in late September when just a few leaves were starting to change color. Now, almost two months later, the majority of the trees are bare with just a few that have just begun changing colors. Normally, we would likely have traveled to various parks nearby and beyond for foliage season. But not so this year with COVID-19 raging. Hopefully, 2021?

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