Local Cherry Blossoms & Finches

It has been nearly a week since the local cherry blossoms have started to bloom. The first few trees still look wonderful with very few petals that have fallen to the ground. The weather has been quite a bit cooler since the first day and trees that started a bit later seem to have quite a mix of flowers and buds. Today, we were treated to a wonderful sight – a few male House Finches were busy eating the flowers!

This particular tree is the biggest in the area, was the second to bloom, and still looks quite wonderful. Today, as we walked by, we saw some male House Finches enjoying the flowers. We often hope to get beautiful photos of birds on the cherry blossom branches but that almost never happens. We were quite lucky today!

A rather random selection of cherry blossoms through a telephoto lens. It was particularly cold this morning, a little below 40°F, but it all still looks very good! There were actually a few flakes of snow locally in the afternoon though it was much too warm for anything to actually stick. But they did get a foot of snow in parts of western Maryland! It would be quite nice to see snow on cherry blossoms one day!

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