Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapples Two and Three

Our second Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple seems to be more or less done growing after about three months. But recently, we discovered that we have a third one! It is currently in the flowering phase.

We’ve previously written here about our Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapples when we harvested the first that we managed to grow. It tasted good even though it didn’t seem like it should be ripe.

This one, our second, has been growing since sometime in May. It looks more like a ripe pineapple than our first one did when we harvested it, though it still doesn’t quite look right. We will probably give it a bit more time to see if its appearance changes.

It was actually almost completely upside-down today as the plant isn’t able to support the fruit’s weight. We wedged it between some leaves growing out of the adjacent pineapple plant to keep it upright. Hopefully it will stay in position until we’re ready to harvest it!

Our third pineapple is currently in the flowering stage. There are probably two months left at most before we have to bring it inside. The question will be, harvest it? Or let it grow? Our first pineapple fruit came out during the winter so it doesn’t seem like being indoors should be an issue.

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