Spectra Light & Water Show

We headed out in the evening to catch the 8pm Spectra light and water show in front of the Marina Bay Sands. The show is pretty neat with light interacting with water, all set to music.

Unlike when we went over the weekend, it wasn’t very busy. We were able to get a center position which offers the best view of the whole show. There is a lower deck and a slightly higher upper deck behind it. We decided to go for the upper deck as because it is further back it gives a wider view. It turned out to be a really good decision as due to the wind the front part of the lower deck got soaked! We got wet too though and so did our camera but it felt kind of nice in the warm and humid Singaporean evening!

At some point, there is part of an umbrella visible on the left. The lady directly to the left of me popped open an umbrella and pointed it forwards! There wasn’t even any spray happening by that point…

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