Local Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom

Peak bloom for the Washington DC cherry blossoms was officially declared yesterday by the National Park Service. Locally, its about the same! There has been a bit of rain recently but that doesn’t seem to have impacted the blossoms negatively at all.

This huge cherry tree is the biggest we’ve seen locally. It always puts on a good show!

The National Park Service considers peak bloom to be around 70% of the Yoshino species. That metric seems to more or less apply to what we saw today, though there are still many flowers that haven’t opened up.

Cherry trees often have flowers growing out of the trunk. They seem to open up a bit later than the ones growing out of regular branches.

The plum blossom trees have also started to bloom. They aren’t as common as the cherry trees here. Their flowers are a much deeper pink, significantly more red than white.

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