Frankfurt Altstadt

We spent the last morning walking around Frankfurt‘s old town area and crossed over the Main on the Eiserner Steg, a pedestrian bridge. The weather was good though cloudy with just a bit of drizzle at times. It ultimately did rain quite hard after we left the city.

We arrived in the old town area from the north and walked towards the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus, the Imperial Cathedral. It is quite a prominent structure, towering over the nearby buildings.

Upon entering, we walked by where the holy water is kept. Do not drink!

The cathedral was a somewhat dark structure though it did let some light in with its large windows. The interior was relatively plain.

There were various items of interest and unknown significance, to us at least, scattered around the interior. We just took a brief walk through before moving on.

After exiting, we headed towards the new old town part of the old town. This particular building had quite a few decorations on its exterior. There is a hand holding a scale as well as a dragon’s head up above. There are also various figureheads holding up the floor that juts out a bit above the floor below. One of them is the full body of a ram!

We passed by this monument on our first day in Frankfurt, though we were walking in the opposite direction.

Looking back, we could see the cathedral above the buildings around the new old town plaza.

In the opposite direction, we could see some of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers. Quite a contrast to the old town style buildings.

We continued walking and reached the old town plaza.

The town hall, flying flags for the EU, Germany, Frankfurt, and Ukraine.

There isn’t much left of old town as most of it burned down during World War II. These buildings are reconstructions.

Just beyond the old ton is Eiserner Steg, a pedestrian bridge that goes over the Main.

The view from the middle of the bridge, more or less.

Frankfurt has just a few skyscrapers clustered in its small downtown area.

We continued walking until reaching the far end. We passed by here on our first day when it began raining heavily.

The view to the north from the south end of the bridge.

We returned to the north end of the bridge. This bridge was built after World War II as the original was blown up by the Nazis. The Greek text at the highest point on the northern end is from Homer’s Odyssey. A translation of this text is, “With Ship and Crew Sailing over the Wine-dark Sea to Men of Strange Speech.”

A view of the bridge from the west.

We walked back towards the old town and went into the Alte Nikolaikirche, a small church on the south end of the plaza. Like many of the churches we’ve seen in Germany, it was pretty dark inside. There was some renovation activity going on as well.

We continued walking to the north, passing by the Paulskirche. We didn’t go in though.

The downtown skyscrapers were a little bit closer now.

We walked as far north as Hauptwache. Here, we could see Eschenheimer Turm in the distance. We walked by it on our first day in Frankfurt.

We turned to the right and started walking east along a wide pedestrian street. This structure, the MyZeil shopping mall, has an interesting design!

This odd fountain, the Brockhaus-Brunnen, sits near Konstablerwache. According to Google Maps, it was built in the 80s.

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