The Thames by Parliament

We went out this morning for a quick loop on both sides of the Thames between Lambeth Bridge and Westminster Bridge. The sky was completely overcast and there was a very light drizzle at times. It was relatively warm in the upper 40s and calm which made for a nice walk.

We started on the south bank of the Thames near Lambeth Bridge. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is headquartered here. Their building has the bow of a ship sticking out from it!

The Thames winds its way through London. While it generally flows from the west to the east, here, it runs south to north. There isn’t much to see to the south, just a few tall buildings here and there.

We walked to the north towards Westminster Bridge. The wall next to the pedestrian walkway has been turned to a COVID memorial.

Soon, we reached the Palace of Westminster which houses the UK Parliament.

We crossed the Westminster Bridge to reach the north bank of the Thames. Once again, the view looking to the south.

There appears to be a nice seating area between Parliament and the Thames, though it is not accessible to the public.

We walked under the famous clock tower attached to the Palace of Westminster.

Yesterday, we were inside this fence for the Parliament tour. Today, we continued walking by to the south.

Looking back, we could see the London Eye in the background.

We didn’t go this far south yesterday. This statue is of King Richard I, Richard the Lionheart.

There is a park on the southern end of the Palace of Westminster. A very different view from here!

We ended our walk by crossing the Lambeth Bridge to return to the south bank of the Thames. Most of where we walked this morning is visible from here.

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