Marina Bay Before Leaving

We took one last walk through Marina Bay after checking out of our hotel but before leaving for Changi. It had just rained, leaving everything around Marina Bay a bit wet and with dark skies. It was still rather warm and humid though.

We started out on the south end of Marina Bay, more or less where we were on New Year’s Eve.

We headed towards the Marina Bay Sands, looking back towards the downtown skyscrapers.

There is some seating on the wooden deck area next to the water. Unfortunately, everything was still wet, though the wood was drying out pretty quickly.

We popped into the Apple Store to check out what it looks like from the inside. It is very white! A tunnel from the bottom floor of the Marina Bay Sands mall leads up into the store via an escalator. It is an interesting structure but ultimately an Apple Store is an Apple Store.

The Apple Store from the outside. It doesn’t look as attractive.

Some maintenance was happening on the equipment for the Spectra light and water show. Just two guys and a little boat.

Singapore doesn’t have a huge skyline. Mostly a tight cluster of skyscrapers in the downtown area. But there are other high rise buildings everywhere in the city.

Looking back at the Marina Bay Sands and the adjacent Louis Vuitton store.

And the ArtScience Museum.

After sitting a bit to rest, we took our last MRT ride of the trip back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and took a taxi to Changi to fly home. It was a great trip!

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