Grand Teton National Park, Day 3

Once again, we headed out early to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately it was cloudy so we didn’t get that beautiful morning glow that we saw yesterday. Afterwards, we drove around looking for wildlife before heading back to town for breakfast. We were planning on searching for wildlife later on but by that time visibility was quite limited due to an incoming storm so we headed to the airport a bit earlier than planned to end our trip.

There was actually a tiny bit of color to the mountains as we arrived. We were quite hopeful for a good sunrise as it didn’t seem like there were too many clouds to the east.

We got a little bit of pink in the sky as time progressed. The sky in the opposite direction was on fire, at least for a bit near the horizon. Still no glow on Grand Teton though.

It wasn’t looking so good as the pink band moved further downwards in the sky. No glow yet.

This was about as good as it got today. A little bit of light on the mountains but not that fantastic glow that we saw yesterday.

Eventually the entire scene was illuminated. The sunlight wasn’t very bright as the clouds to the east were thicker than they appeared. Still a beautiful sight though!

Sunrise Timelapse

We generated a timelapse from our 10 second interval photos. Twice as many images as yesterday!

Mormon Row

We headed to Mormon Row as it was on our way while looking for wildlife. We wanted to drive further to the east to see what we could find.

We were able to capture some pretty scenes with the Mormon Row structures. Although we didn’t have the light that we had yesterday, it was still quite nice!

The ground in front of the Moulton Barn was covered in frost today. It made for a nicer appearance than the mud that was there yesterday!

The roof of the Moulton Barn facing the mountains was covered in frost!

A view of Grand Teton and surrounding peaks from the area around Mormon Row.


While we didn’t have a very close wildlife encounter today, we did see a few moose from a distance!

This female moose was in a forested area near a river. We only noticed her because another vehicle was stopped and the driver was walking down the road. It was difficult to get a clear view due to the foliage in the way. We drove by this same point later on but the moose was gone by then.

We saw these three moose from quite a distance away. The one to the right is definitely a male as we could see the antlers. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get closer. There were two very narrow and very rough roads that led to that area but we didn’t really feel comfortable driving our rental SUV there. It probably would have been OK but a bit above my risk threshold.

This bull moose was near a campground. Unfortunately, the campground was closed for the season so there was no real way for us to get closer.

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