More Snow, More Ice

While yesterday morning was very icy with rather dangerous sidewalks, today was quite a bit different. Most surfaces had been cleared of ice by yesterday afternoon and were covered with a light layer of snow, perhaps an inch or two at most, overnight.

The trees were still mostly encased in ice this morning. Some of them had some snow on top of the ice as well, though often it was barely noticeable.

And like yesterday, there were quite a few ice covered buds. Some of them appeared as if they were very tiny snow globes!

And just like yesterday, we saw many berries encased in ice. The ice often appeared to be heavily offset to one side.

These berries didn’t have any ice on them though! But they did have some accumulated snow. We also noticed this tree had some large darker berries and some smaller lighter colored ones. We don’t know why this is and we don’t think we’ve noticed this before!

This orange fire hydrant caught our eye. It was lightly covered with snow and had some equally spaced little icicles.

We also noticed this particular snow stake. It had a very thick layer of ice on one side! Interestingly, the top only had a very thin layer of ice that was showing signs of melting, just like the side facing the camera.

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