Snow and Ice

Yesterday, it snowed about 3 inches in the morning and afternoon. Overnight, it transitioned to rain leaving everything encased in ice.

Nearly every tree branch that we saw this morning was covered in ice! It started getting windy last night and it appears that any accumulated snow on those branches was blown off or melted by the rain. It was quite beautiful!

It wasn’t just the branches that were covered in ice. The berries were as well! There are quite a few that have been on the trees since last year.

Pine needles, like everything else, were also covered in ice. Their appearance varied greatly depending upon the type of needles that they have. Even the finest of needles were encased in ice!

There are always leaves that don’t fall during fall. Like everything else, they were ice covered. But the layer of ice was typically very thin.

Ice Covered Snow Covered Ground

All the snow on the ground was covered with ice. It was easy to break through but also very slippery. There were many large undisturbed patches of snow and ice in yards and on driveways. Luckily, roads that were treated didn’t really accumulate snow or ice overnight.

Ice Covered Pavement

Pavement that was cleared of snow but not sufficiently treated basically became like skating rinks! This particular portion did have salt put down but it wasn’t enough to prevent a thin layer of ice from forming on top.

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