The End of the Cherry Blossom Season

Its been a little more than two weeks since the Washington DC cherry blossoms hit peak bloom. Locally, it was about the same. Most trees locally have lost the majority of their flowers, though a few are still hanging on.

Most of the cherry trees are like these. Just a few flowers left and with many stems still attached to the branches. It definitely gives the trees a reddish appearance until the stems finally fall to the ground as well.

We noticed some very pink flowers on a few of the trees. The local trees here are all of the white variety, none normally have pink flowers other than when they’re first coming out. The white color turning to extreme pink isn’t really something we’ve noticed before.

There are still some clusters of white and not quite as pink flowers though.

And there is this tree! With some branches really holding on to their flowers!

The birds don’t always cooperate with our desire to see them with the cherry blossoms. But today we did find some Chipping Sparrows who were enjoying the cherry trees!

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