Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to Ogizawa

After spending the night at the Hotel Tateyama at Murodo Station on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, we saw the weather improve after breakfast. We decided to check out as soon as we could put everything away to once again go hiking in the snow. We ended up hiking to the Mikurigaike Onsen, and then a bit past to the Jigokudani Observatory. Afterwards, we completed the alpine route, spending some time at the Kurobe Dam before ending the trip at Ogizawa where we caught the Alpico bus to the Shinano-Ōmachi JR station.

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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to Murodo

We headed out early from Toyama to start the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Our destination for the day was Murodo and Hotel Tateyama, the highest point on the route. We got to Murodo fairly early and went out for a walk in the snow. The weather got worse throughout the day, though there was a brief period where it cleared up a tiny bit. But afterwards, there was strong blowing wind and blizzard-like conditions and visibility.

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